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Amazon Fire TV - San Diego Comic Con

Experiential Design

Commanding over 10,000 square feet, the Amazon Fire TV: Fast Forward to the Future experiential pop up was the brand's first showing at San Diego Comic Con. Our goal was to deepen consumer awareness of Fire TV’s product capabilities by reimagining the future of TV as an age of cordless inter connectivity. Across ten days of intensive production, we brought to life a showcase of up-cycled entertainment devices and product vignettes featuring fans' favorite shows. The entire footprint had to be masterplanned to not only serve a large influx of guests but also to give each of the numerous touch points their own area to shine. While the lower section of the footprint was dedicated to immersive photo moments and product demos (augmented by RFID integration), the upper third contained a functioning bar, streaming lounge, & press interview areas.

Client: Amazon Fire TV
Agency: NVE
Role: Creative Director/Lead Designer
Date: July 2018