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Dark Crystal - 2019

Experiential Design

Netflix asked us to bring the world of Thra to life with an immersive experience of the revamped Dark Crystal Series. Guests were invited to step into Rian's library to learn about the world, with secret content triggered by RFID integration. They then passed through an interactive cave where lighting and audio correlated with the intro narrative. The final chamber was designed in line with the Skeksis' lair, with the life-size crystal displayed in chains & framed by claws. At a final touchpoint, guests were able to score a randomized free swag item, situated under the real Scientist Skeksis puppet used in the series. The entire footprint was contained within 20'x20' and optimized the space used for the experience. Every half hour, the crystal was lifted by chains to the ceiling which added additional drama to the footprint.

Client: Netflix
Agency: NVE
Role: Creative Director
Date: July 2019