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Google Think Conference

Stage Design

Held on Pier 36 in New York City on Advertising Week, the Google Think Partner summit was focused on product updates that fuel the branding and advertising industry. As data was the core message of the event, the aesthetic drew inspiration from the abstracted bar graph logo of extruded block forms. The approach took the form of edge-lit acrylic pieces that were spaced along the sides of the keynote space, flanking the 50' screen to immerse the audience into an abstracted version of the data. These pieces were choreographed to the keynote content and were able to augment the presentations on stage with dramatic immersive lighting for all guests.

In addition to the extruded forms that alluded to the bar graph visualization the programmatic elements were plugged into an undulating interpretation of a linear graph, extruded at various heights throughout the space. Check-In, Breakout spaces, and Demo stations were carved into this form, nesting all the pieces of the experience into one cohesive data build.

Client: Google
Agency: Optimist
Role: Lead Designer
Date: September 2017