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Swarovski Technology Concepts


Concepts for interactive spaces in partnership with Swarovski. These conceptual spaces utilized crystals in conjunction with reactive light & audio to form interactive, immersive & meditative spaces. The first concept sets up a circular spatial audio room, where the proximity of a person's presence near a light column triggers an illuminated & auditory reaction. As more people enter the space, more sounds are layered and a unique composition is formed, making every experience a unique one. 

The second concept proposes using a robotic arm with a crystal sphere attached. The sphere is subdivided into rings that spin at various rates and contain an array of various crystal forms. This robotic sculpture is positioned in the center of a circular space with a built in lounge & entry points forming the perimeter. The floor is also soft, giving an open & comfortable seating setup. As the performance evolves, caustics cast from the light project on the domed space, setting up a visually stunning performance.

Developed at Optimist Design, 2015